Thursday, February 23, 2017

Day 3 - Nicaraguan Observations

We leave the airport in the hustle and bustle.  People loading trunks and boarding buses.  Taxi drivers scanning for their next patron.  Sonia greets us with a big smile that never leaves her face. 

On the bus. Dawn, Kelly, and Eddie.  Sueli and Ryan in the background.
 The air is heavy with humidity.  Its still hot even though its night.  I thought this was wintertime?  Driving.  It smells like car pollution, cook fire smoke, and cooking rice.  Pass the slums, houses built together with walls made of roof sheeting, beside the canal full of rotting garbage and probably raw sewage.  The poorest of the poor.  Turn the corner and here comes the boulevard lit with giant metal trees - all the colors of the rainbow.  $20,000 each.  Impressive sights, wasteful spending.

Children singing, eager to learn.  Today's lesson taught by those crazy (caring, attentive, altruistic, open) American UCCers.  Singing "Jesus Loves Me," reading books, dental hygiene with Senor  Boca (Mr. Mouth) the giant mouth, making necklaces, tiny beads everywhere.  102 students, after-school programat the church, lunch is served - no food at regular school, sometimes it is their only meal, all smiling faces nonetheless, what a joy! Practicing our less than perfect Spanish, we appreciate their patience, they appreciate our attempt.
Presenting on Oral Hygiene with Geri and Chris and Senor Boca (Mr. Mouth)

Practicing with Chris and Senor Boca (Mr. Mouth)
Dawn learning with the students
 Hot day, sweaty day, delicious food day, building friendships day, worthwhile day, joyful day, tired day, tomorrow is another day!
Lots of beautiful, happy children

Chris and Milanne with Ryan being a goofball in the back

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  1. Your comments made sunshine out of the rain pouring outside my window. Bless you all!